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Omex Agriculture launch Zynergy

18-Apr-2017 OMEX Agriculture

OMEX Agriculture has launched a novel crop health promoter in a foliar formulation based on copper and zinc called Zynergy, which complements the fungicidal and bactericidal activity of agrochemicals when used as part of an integrated crop management programme.

The OMEX research and development team assisted by university researchers and independent trials organisations have identified the Zynergy formulation as an effective and synergistic additive to crop protection programmes particularly against rust, potato blight and downy mildew in a wide range of crops.

Two years of independent replicated plot trials on potatoes under extreme blight pressure at the Eurofins site in Derbyshire have shown that when Zynergy is incorporated in to the regular blight spray programme, disease control improved coupled with an economic yield response.

“Zynergy potato trials last year gave an impressive 14.5% increase in yield where the product was included, giving more than a 30:1 return on investment,” says OMEX technical development manager David Booty. “Other field trials carried out last year also showed similar benefits where Zynergy was included in programmes for early disease control in wheat and against Phytophthora diseases in horticultural and nursery crops.”

Further studies at the University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington, showed that applying Zynergy as a foliar treatment ahead of disease inoculation resulted in a reduction in disease, Including yellow and brown rust in wheat, late blight in potatoes and downy mildew in oilseed rape and cereals.

“PGRO pot trials showed similar effects against downy mildew in peas,” says Mr Booty. “And our own plant laboratory studies have confirmed that Zynergy is an extremely effective foliar fertiliser, providing crop available copper and zinc more efficiently than standard micronutrient products.

“Both copper and zinc are essential nutrients for late stage crop health, and it appears that the apparent effects on infection levels are due to this general improvement in the crop’s own ability to withstand stress rather than any direct effect on the causes,” he explains.

Zynergy should be applied as part of a regular programme at 0.5-1.0 litres/ha in a minimum 200 litres of water, and if used alone, requires the addition of a suitable adjuvant such as OMEX NA13.

Mr Booty says that Zynergy is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides and foliar nutrients, and further details on the product can be found at www.omex.co.uk. The formulation is approved for organic use as a foliar fertiliser under a derogation, if soil or crop analysis identifies the nutritional need.


Further information:

David Booty, Omex technical development manager

01526 396000


Hugh Symington, Symingtons PR

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