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P-Focus liquid placement fertiliser to promote early root establishment

13-Apr-2017 by: Peter Townley Agro-Vital UK Ltd

Early fertility levels and nutrient concentration in the developing root zone play a determining factor in what a crop’s final yield will be at harvest time.  P-Focus is a brand new liquid starter fertiliser developed to provide a balanced solution of nutrients (10:18:4 + 1% sulphur, 0.5% manganese, 0.5% zinc ) in the root zone . 

Availability of nutrients is  an important  consideration because they are influenced by a variety of factors.  Phosphorous for instance  can be “ locked up” by  calcium, iron or aluminium  making it unavailable in the vital early establishment of the crop. Cold wet weather can also inhibit uptake of phosphorous. 

P- Focus is a unique  liquid  starter fertiliser with a neutral pH and low salt index  that can be placed directly and safely on the seed  making it highly effective in promoting early root establishment by  addressing  the problem of limited phosphorous  availability in the early stages of a crop’s establishment. 100% of the phosphorous in P-Focus is in the readily available orthophosphate form.

The movement of of phosphorous in the soil is limited and as a crop's roots will only come into contact with approximately 2% of the soil during its life time placing the phosphorous around the seed makes more efficient use of this valuable resource .

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