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Zuidberg NexTGear Track

12-Jun-2017 by: Nick Ewbank Lynx Engineering

Zuidberg move into the NexTGear with track development
Lynx Engineering, UK importer of Zuidberg front linkage, PTO, override protection and rubber track systems, will be exhibiting the new NexTGear high speed track system from the Dutch manufacturer on Stand No. 2006 at this year’s Cereals event.
“At last year’s Cereals event, we showed the first concept of the high speed halftrack systems which offered solutions to forward speed with tracks. This year we have the NexTGear system which is the evolution of last year’s concept” explained Lynx Managing Director, Nick Ewbank. Redesigned mounting system to the tractor for better location to the tractor and new improved suspension system are two of the steps forward for the new design.
“At the heart of Zuidberg’s unique design solution is an integrated patented transmission, which keeps the tractor’s mechanical front wheel, rear wheel ratio intact with the result that the tractor suffers no speed reduction and its four-wheel drive remains available at all times,” he said.
Zuidberg’s high speed track system also features a brand new suspension arrangement. Not only are the bogie wheels suspended, as is common in other track systems, but the entire track system including the idler wheels are also suspended. This is achieved by fitting a fixed mounting frame to the tractor’s rear axle, complete with pivot points and a hydraulic cylinder with an accumulator.
The suspension has a stroke of 80mm. In addition, the bogie wheels can independently rotate sideways in order to follow the contour of the road. This new suspension concept, says the manufacturer, not only enhances driver comfort, but also extends the lifetime of both the tractor and the track system.
“Easy interchangeability between the high speed tracks and wheels and tyres is another bonus of this solution – a benefit which is not available on some other systems,” said Nick Ewbank. “You can have all the advantages of tracks, such as increased traction, narrow construction and lower ground pressure which are important for certain jobs, whilst still retaining maximum manoeuvrability of the tractor for other tasks.”



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