12th & 13th June 2019  |  Boothby Graffoe, Lincoln, Lincolnshire 

Cereals: The Arable Event

Innovation Insights: Your one-stop agri-tech taster 

In partnership with Agri-tech East

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Wednesday 13th June 3 pm - 5 pm 

Do you want a quick overview of the latest, exciting agri-tech that is emerging in the UK?  

This year Agri-Tech East and Cereals are partnering to host Cereals’ first ever ‘Innovation Insights’.

Agri-Tech East has challenged its members – farmers, technologists, researchers - to summarise their new products, services or research interests in a series of two-minute lightning presentations.

The independent organisation is building a business cluster to facilitate innovation. Director of Agri-Tech East Belinda Clarke explains: “By bringing in new players, many of them from outside the industry, and making it easy for them to network with potential end-users we are seeing new solutions to intransigent problems and accelerating the rate of adoption for new technologies.  

“Cereals is a great opportunity for our members to extend this dialogue and find potential partners and customers. Innovation Insights offers an opportunity to see a snap-shot of the latest developments.”

Quick fire presentations from: 

  • 30 MHz – allows real-time information about the crop growing environment or storage conditions to be collected automatically from wireless sensors.
  • Agrimetrics – simplifies farm reporting into the supply chain, reducing the cost of compliance.
  • Agronomex – provides improved procurement of fresh produce through an integrated sourcing system.
  • Eastern Agri-Tech Innovation Hub – offers farmers more value through novel waste solutions.
  • Express Weather – delivers bespoke weather reporting to improve risk assessment.
  • Fieldmargin – a digital farm map and log book that makes it easier to record and communicate tasks.
  • Germains Seed Technology – improving seed performance with technology.
  • G’s Fresh – using multiple data sources to improve prediction of demand and timing of harvest.
  • Hutchinsons (Omnia) – collates soil, crop and yield data as multi-layered field maps to provide improved decision support.
  • John Innes Centre – combating important combinable crop losses by combining expertise in Brassica genomics, high-throughput phenotyping, bioinformatics and mathematical modeling of biological processes.
  • KisanHub – captures data from trials research and communicates it in real time to researchers and farmers.
  • Map of Agriculture – providing customer insights and market intelligence for agriculture.
  • NIAB – improving root development in wheat to enable better yields with reduced inputs.
  • Olombria – using chemical volatiles to persuade flies to become better pollinators.
  • Outfield – low cost, accurate surveys of land use to deliver high-resolution maps for farm management.
  • Prodata Weather Systems – creates alerts and warnings by rapid processing of field data to, for example, improve irrigation or better estimate harvest dates.
  • Rothamsted Research – using earthworms as indicators of soil health.
  • Sentry – uses the latest technology to encourage experienced farm managers to innovate and improve returns.
  • SmartAKIS – collating and disseminating updates on smart farming technologies such as robotics.
  • Stable – helping dairy, livestock and arable farmers manage volatile prices and input costs.
  • Timac Agro – offers a unique type of phosphate that offers improved availability.
  • University of Cambridge (Dept of Land Economy) 
  • University of Essex
  • University of Hertfordshire – a new prediction system for powdery mildew that gives growers 48-hour warning.
  • University of Lincoln – transforming farming with robotics and artificial intelligence. 
  • Yagro – negotiates better prices for agrichemicals through price checking and benchmarking.


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