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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham SG7 5JX

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Exhibitor Press Releases

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  • It's an exciting time for North Yorkshire based JWI Ltd as they supply the first Westrup CC2500 into the UK marketplace - standing at over 4 meters in height this is one of the largest screen cleaners ...
  • JJ Metcalfe Direct Drill Coulters

    14 Jun 2021 Joanne Franks
    In 2015, JJ Metcalfe and Son Ltd launched into their own direct drill coulters.  The tungsten carbide tipped, narrow 12mm width points, the coulters provide low disturbance drilling, ideal for sowing ...
  • JWI Tornum IDC press release

    15 Jun 2021 Stacey Penrose
    Drying grain precisely is a complex process, but doing it correctly achieves the best possible grain quality for the best price.  Relying on manual drying can risk either not attaining the desired moi ...
  • June 2024 Strube press release

    07 May 2024 Richard Cogman

    Strube's sugar and fodder energy beet varietal offer for 2025.


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