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  • HARDI UK are including their AirRide suspension package absolutely free, on all new MEGA Mounted Sprayers ordered before 1st September 2020!
  • 4 Reasons to Invest in a Rainwater Harvesting Tank
  • Senova’s winter bean Vespa now has a 5% yield advantage over others on the PGRO RL, with the joint best standing ability and seed characteristics suitable for export. Bumble is only just behind.
  • 2013 saw HOLMER merge with Agrifac Machinery B.V, to enable both manufacturers to work together and produce a new range of beet harvesters.
  • Specifically designed and developed for tough European harvesting conditions, John Deere’s all-new X9 combine and matching draper header are being officially introduced this summer, with a limited num ...
  • Garford Farm Machinery bases itself on mechanical weed control in all crops worldwide. With a talented and multi skilled work force the company prides itself on bespoke machinery for its customers. 
  • A Premium Proven machine isn’t just a used machine, it has the guarantee of a brand new sprayer with the exact same service and after-sales back-up.
  • Arable growers may need to rethink their arable rotation as they strive to improve productivity in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • Leader 4 Series 36

    Team Sprayers
    New 36m Boom from Team Sprayers Cambridgeshire based sprayer manufacturer Team Sprayers have started production of the ‘Leader 4-Series 36’.  The new 36m model will still incorporate a low-folding boo ...
  • Collaboration between neighbouring farmers can deliver meaningful cost savings and open up opportunities for generating new income.  So could a joint venture be the right path for your farming busines ...
  • As we can only meet you 'virtually' this year, put a face to the name of the Agrifac UK team until we can meet you in person....
  • Whilst the annual Cereals Event at Chrishall Grange has been cancelled this year, the organisers have taken the industry event on-line instead. Cereals LIVE 2020 Virtual Event will take place on the s ...
  • HARDI mistblowers lets you spray without compromise. Whatever you grow – from small bushes to large tree plantations and vines, find the perfect mistblower to aid your operations.
  • We are showcasing our Plug&Cool pedestals in time for your harvest. Some of you may have seen them at LAMMA and our exhibitions previously.
  • John Deere has launched its next generation of self-propelled sprayers, manufactured at the company’s Horst factory in The Netherlands. With the new R4140i 4000-litre capacity and R4150i 5000-litre ca ...
  • Known for being the most durable sprayer on the market, the new ‘intelligent’ features from HARDI is another step above; offering more than just reliability and efficiency in the field.
  • Strutt & Parker has developed a new business analysis tool to offer rural estates and farms insight into how they can improve the commercial performance of their business.
  • As a specialist in professional arable farming, LEMKEN believes in knowledge, quality and innovation. 
  • After weather extremes led to the smallest winter cropping area in decades, an agricultural insurance expert is urging farmers to ‘manage risk better’ and protect themselves with a groundbreaking crop ...
  • Capacity, capacity, capacity and extreme endurance with the Condor Endurance II.
  • Agrifac presents the new AiCPlus camera system with integrated Artificial Intelligence to act upon the detected data all in line with the new farming management concept: NEED Farming. 
  • Over the past few months the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on all of our personal and business lives; at a time when we were already preparing for a period of massive transformation in t ...
  • ZM-Grow, a new award-winning multi-nutrient fertiliser was launched in the UK and Ireland during April 2019, providing 100% Sulphate based Zinc and Manganese, in a clean sustainable liquid form. Uniqu ...
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