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  • This policy update provides further detail of the agricultural policy for England over the next 10 years. It also outlines how the Agriculture Bill will help to achieve this.  https://assets.publishin ...
  • At OnePay, we listen to the feedback that we receive from our clients and the needs of their workers and that is why we have moved to Mastercard so we can offer more features that will benefit the wor ...
  • New projects funded to provide farmers with tailored on-farm advice to help them prepare for transition away from Common Agricultural Policy
  • Sencrop enables farmers to develop personal local weather networks. Connected weather stations installed on-site provide real-time statistics from their fields, cutting daily costs & saving time.
  • CEREALS 2020/STAND 520
  • New measures to help farmers get back on their feet and move on from floods following extreme weather and flooding across England
  • Growers can enjoy yield increases and efficacy improvements on stressed crops, with early interventions of natural bio-stimulant products, whilst reducing fungicide inputs.
  • Getting the most out of contact herbicides has rarely been more important than this spring after an autumn during which opportunities to apply residual herbicides were few and far between. That means ...
  • The introduction of Barn Owl Wireless systems to crop stores gave UK farmers a newfound ability to monitor and control crop stores remotely and get the most out of their stored crop.
  • Independent trial results confirm efficacy improvements with timely applications of natural bio-stimulants from AminoA
  • Farmers and land managers now have until 15 June to apply for BPS payments and to claim funding for their environmental and woodland work under other schemes
  • Countryside Stewardship and Environmental Stewardship claimants will be offered bridging payments for the 2019 claim year.
  • Farming cooperative Fram Farmers celebrates 60 years
  • Bayer’s Dekalb OSR portfolio meets grower needs

    01 May 2020 Bayer CropScience, Julian Little
    Providing the best defence against cabbage stem flea beetles is one of the five key oilseed rape priorities that form the focus of Dekalb’s 2020 variety portfolio.
  • Get ready for harvest

    01 May 2020 Gibbons Agricultural
    Busy farmers are starting to prepare for this year’s harvest during difficult times, but Gibbons Agricultural is on hand to help.
  • The OnePay multilingual ‘My OnePay’ app for iOS and Android. OnePay are one of the UK’s leading providers of alternative payment solutions. We are dedicated to helping some of the UK’s leading recruit ...
  • Try a new crop recording software for free…

    04 May 2020 Landmark Systems
    So confident is the team at Landmark Systems in crop recording software Geofolia, it is now offering farm businesses a 30 day free trial of the software with Mobile App. 
  • Top Cut Collect

    06 May 2020 Zurn Harvesting
    Mechanical weed control rethought Especially intensive farming can lead to weeds developing resistances against herbicides. Common methods are no longer effective and many chemicals lost their accepta ...
  • Seed Terminator

    06 May 2020 Zurn Harvesting
    Cutting herbicide use with the combine Seed Terminator almost entirely kills those weed seeds which come out of a combine. The unique technology consists of two high-performance multistage hammer mill ...
  • Zaksan® 33%N is a premium quality Granular Ammonium Nitrate brought to you from Grupa Azoty, the manufacturers of Pulan®. It is perfect for farmers that spread up to bouts of 42 metres and available i ...
  • The wet winter of 2019/20 has put the final nail in the coffin of oilseed rape for many UK farmers.  Poor initial establishment, pest damage, and then winter waterlogging has seen many OSR crops fail; ...
  • Sulphur is an essential nutrient for all crops, it helps with efficient use of Nitrogen and essential growth requirements. It plays an important role in the development of key enzymes and vitamins wit ...

    11 May 2020 Sarah Cowlrick
    AICC is the largest association of independent crop consultants in Europe - providing guaranteed commercially independent agronomic advice on over 46% of all UK arable food production.  
  • Adding Row, Spot and CurveControl to AmaSelect individual nozzle control means that chemical is applied just to those areas required saving time, chemical and a more responsible use of agrochemicals.




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