Minimise the Impact of No-Deal Brexit

Join the AHDB Cereals Controversial and learn about Brexit's impact on your business and ways in which you can lessen the impact on your farm operations.  In these targeted sessions, we summarise the advice that is relevant to arable farmers as well as hear from key decision makers invoved in regulating the changes.  These sessions are sure to help you minimise the impact of a no-deal Brexit.   

Check back in for full AHDB conference lineup and agenda coming soon!

2019 Topics

2018 Topics

  • Fit for the Future: The debate
  • How resilient is your business?
  • The crops of the future
  • The farm labour dilemma: What’s the future?
  • Fit for the Future: Survival of the Fittest
  • A farm without machinery?
  • Publicly reducing our impact
  • Sustainable soil health and nutrition
  • Artificial Intelligence: the future is here
  • Guarding glyphosate
  • Emerging weed control strategies
  • The next generation of innovators: A farmer case study
  • Fungicide Futures
  • Making better data-driven decisions


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