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Fieldmargin Demo

Want to find out how to easily take your farm records digital and have up-to-date information at your fingertips? Find out more about how fieldmargin's demo can help you.

Paragon Bank Asset Funding Hub

Strengthen and grow your business with support from an award-winning specialist lender​​​. Find out what Paragon Bank can offer you.

Graintab Grain Exchange

Gain access to independent trading recommendations, market opinions and insights with Graintab supported by CRM Agri.


Crop Plots sponsored by KWS

See exhibitor crop plots via video & demos with the latest varieties from a wide range of exhibitors and discuss with the experts their suitability for your farming system. 

Syngenta Sprays & Sprayers Arena

The Syngenta Sprays and Sprayers arena will showcase the latest innovations and application technology that could improve your business through digital video & demos.

Innovation and Technology Demo Ring

Explore the latest developments in digital data including; remote in-field monitoring, weather monitoring, drone apps, machinery, environmental benefits and more. 

Exhibitor List

'Visit' leading exhibitors within the arable industry' and find out more about their agricultural business and compare the latest products and services against their competitors.

NIAB's Virtual Event Hub

See NIAB's variety demonstration plots, showcasing plot-based video footage, webinars, downloadable guides, topic sheets and information posters.

The Soil Pit

Specialists provide an insight into the secrets of the soil via video & demos. This feature is a returning favourite offering farmers knowledge on how to improve their soil, cropping, nutrition and tillage.




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