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Premium Crops is the UK’s leading provider of added value arable crops. We scour the supply chain to seek out end users, buyers and processors who are willing to pay more to get exactly what they need. Those needs may be as simple as a reliable, regular, supply of a quality product, such as canary seed for the bird seed market, or linseed for the animal feed sector. Frequently, the quality demands are associated with the variety that is grown, such as the ultra-high omega-3 in our specialist spring linseed, the very high protein content of Red Spring Wheat, or the high erucic acid content of HEAR. 



Register for the Cereals LIVE Q&A Edition

Cereals LIVE Q&A Edition is coming to your screen on the 5 November 2020 on the Cereals Website. 

The Q&A Edition will be a more interactive and relaxed environment where the questions guide the conversation. Register and join to hear answers to some of the most pressing questions posed in June, to bring up new queries and to share ideas and concerns with others within the arable sector.


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