Cereals AHDB Theatre

Farming is the solution to so many of society’s challenges; from food production to air and water quality to biodiversity and carbon management. The Cereals AHDB programme for this 2-day theatre covers the impact and influence of the new Ag Bill and ELMS on farming businesses – and how the new legislation, incentives, innovations, skills and partnerships will support the continued delivery of high-quality food alongside the environmental needs of society across the United Kingdom.  Don't miss Day Two, Soil Health Day!

Young Farmers Sustainable Solutions Seminars

This special selection of Cereals seminars is curated for Young Farmers in partnership with the NFYFC in order to promote industry collaboration, sustainable solutions, positive mental health and open communication. 

Please join other Young Farmers, industry colleagues and leading experts for two days of reconnecting, education and fun. 

New Era:  Markets, Diversification & Innovation

Brexit brings challenges but also opportunities for UK arable farming. Experts provide a crucial insight into how the market will develop for British produce, alongside ideas for new value-added and diversification opportunities. 


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