5 Reasons to Exhibit at Cereals

1.  Be part of the solution. 

Cereals is a live event platform providing solutions for arable farmers – exhibiting allows your company to be a part of the conversation and the solution.    

Cereals fulfils the educational requirements and sourcing needs of arable farmers.  Attendees visit Cereals to experience an exhaustive product range on display:

  • Crop plots
  • Sprays & sprayers
  • Tilling, sowing, planting
  • Crop protection
  • Irrigation
  • Harvesting
  • Post-harvesting
  • Equipment
  • Handling, transport, storage and buildings
  • Sustainable development, renewable energy
  • Tech, IT, software
  • Consulting
  • Banking & insurance
  • Media & press


2.   Don’t just exhibit – become a thought leader with added value speaking opportunities.

NEW : Innovation & Tech Hub.  This is the first edition of this area dedicated to digital farming, equipment innovation and new technologies.  An exhibition space near this area comes with the added benefit of speaking opportunities within the Innovation & Tech Hub.

NEW: Roots Hub.  This is the first edition of this area dedicated to products, services and solutions for the root farming community.  An exhibition space near this area comes with the added benefit of speaking opportunities within the Root Hub.

3.  Demonstrate your expertise in a hands-on, interactive format held in an outdoor venue. 

Cereals provides opportunities to get your products into the right hands through interactive features open to participation for exhibitors and sponsors including:

  • SYNGENTA Sprays & Sprayers Arena
  • NIAB Soil Pit
  • Drone Zone
  • Cover crop drilling
  • Working demos
  • Crop Plots


4.  Boost your sales and strengthen your pipeline. 

Events are still the most favoured method for farmers when sourcing new products and solutions.  An exhibition space at Cereals will help energize your sales team and connect your company with new prospects and existing customers in a meaningful way.  The return on investment is strong when meeting such a large group of arable farming decision makers in one place.


5.  Cereals marketing is not limited to two days!

All exhibitors benefit from extensive PR and marketing opportunities that extend well beyond the two show days.  Farmers Weekly, Cereals’ media partner, distributes over 59,000 show guides prior to the event, publishes comprehensive previews and post-reports.  The event also attracts pre and post-show coverage in CPM, Arable Farming, and Agronomist and Arable Farming. 

Exhibiting at Cereals is an ideal opportunity to reach the majority of decision makers within the arable industry, improve brand awareness, generate leads and sell products and services all year long.

What do our exhibitors think

Why Cereals?

Situated on a working farm, Cereals is unique in offering working demonstration areas for manufacturers, distributors and dealers of cultivation equipment. Syngenta’s Sprays and Sprayers arena facilitates moving demonstrations for sprayer manufacturers and crop plots (grown to your specification) enable seed companies and agchem manufacturers to show large numbers of growers and agronomists what their products can do.


Book your exhibition space

Book your exhibition space

For more information on booking your exhibition at Cereals, please

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Sponsorship & advertising opportunities

Sponsorship & advertising opportunities

For more information on sponsorship & advertising opportunities to enhance your presence at Cereals, please

Contact the Sales Team

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