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11-12 June 2025 

Roy Ward Farms, Heath Farm

Leadenham Lincs

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From Seed to Shelf Stage Day 2

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From Seed to Shelf Stage Day 2

  1. Cereals Mainstage

    This seminar, moderated by Farmers Weekly and created in partnership with the British Society of Seed Breeders, will cover key topics relative to the future of plant breeding including discussion of key questions:

    • Will regenerative agriculture become more important for crop breeders, selecting not just for yield but disease resistance, grain quality, nutrition and nutrient use efficiency?
    • Is it time for breeders to retrace their steps and use the vast genetic diversity of heritage varieties to help meet the requirements of modern-day wheat production?
    • Could the genetic potential from traditional, more robust varieties offer greater tolerance to weeds, pests and disease attack, with reduced chemical intervention?
    • And what about genetic modification?

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  2. Cereals Mainstage

    This is a rapid fire agronomic update covering topics below

    • What farming system will work best for you going forward
    • Establishing effective regenerative farming trials
    • The importance testing for prescriptive nutrition
    • Disease and fungicide resistance update

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  3. Cereals Mainstage

    Moderated by Farm Contractor & Large Scale Farmer, with guest speaker Olly Harrison, the panel will look at machinery developments and how these can help growers meet the growing number of requirements to farm more sustainability.

    This could include, but is not limited to, variable rate applications and section control, larger capacity machines to limit field passes and improve timeliness of operations, and the greater versatility of equipment, enabling growers to complete more tasks in fewer passes.

    Through a Q&A session, there will also be the opportunity for farmers and contractors to indicate the direction of travel they require from manufacturers.

  4. Cereals Mainstage

    Contractors play a vital role on many arable farms. They can supply an essential labour resource, supplementing farm staff. They can also bring in high capital cost, innovative machinery, which is becoming increasingly difficult to justify on farm, particularly for seasonal or specialist operations. 

    It is crucial for contractors to work in close partnership with customers to ensure they can supply a high-quality, safe service, helping to increase productivity, whilst protecting the soil, water and surrounding biodiversity, to drive forward farm profitability whilst allowing all partners to thrive.

    This seminar will help you assess if your business could benefit working with a contractor, answering the key questions you need to consider. 


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  5. Cereals Mainstage
    Join Guy Moreton from MorePeople and others for a panel discussion and question time on how to get the next generation into agriculture, and the wider agriculture supply chain.

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  6. Cereals Mainstage
    Turn your farm into a mini data center and generate up to 201% over 4 years. Easy Crypto Hunter has featured in mainstream media and also had their own documentary made on the Documentary+ platform. The solution Easy Crypto Hunter provide is just as simple as turning your farm into a mini data centre. You invest in computer hardware, which is then rented out for computational applications, which you can then pay you in either Cryptocurrency or GBP into your bank. Our award winning support ensures you have all the tools you need to maximise your investment. 

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  7. Cereals Mainstage
    With plateaued yields and volatility in both input & output markets, efficient arable production has never been more important. It’s now about getting the most out of what you have. YAGRO and Claydon Drills are hosting an open discussion around how both software & hardware can help you maximise every hectare you have. Also speaking is farmer Harry Middleditch of D F Middleditch & Son providing some boots-on-the-ground experience.

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  8. Cereals Mainstage
    Grain traders and market experts share their knowledge on the latest developments in global grain markets and discuss how this is influencing farmgate prices in the UK. This is your chance to hear from industry speakers about what is driving domestic prices, where markets are headed and when to sell your grain.
  9. Cereals Mainstage

    There is increasing interest in the environment from consumers and food manufacturers which has seen the launch of various initiatives.

    What could the future look like for milling wheat/malting barley/milling oat growers? Could green premiums become more mainstream or will it remain more niche? How does this fit with farmers already trading their carbon?

    This panel will include speakers from the three key sectors (oats/barley/wheat) who will give a perspective from their own sector.


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  10. Cereals Mainstage
    From variety selection through to the retail shelf, this special case study will take visitors from seed to shelf and will end with a taste of BrewBoard's special Cereals beer selection.


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