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11-12 June 2024

Bygrave Woods

Newnham Farm

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Direct Driller @Cereals Day 1

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Direct Driller @Cereals Day 1

  1. Direct Driller @Cereals

    This seminar will give you an overview of the actions that can be taken in order to get the most from SFI payments in the coming years, tackling the tasks and challenges in a practical manner in order to increase your overall farm profits.  

  2. Direct Driller @Cereals
    This seminar will help you with detailed advice on soil assessments and soil management plans that improve your soil through a variety of methods including, but not limited to, cover crops, livestock and crops in rotation, direct drilling and herbal leys.  
  3. Direct Driller @Cereals

    This panel will look at machinery developments and how the latest kit can help growers meet the growing number of requirements to farm more sustainably. 

  4. Direct Driller @Cereals

    Join us for lunch and network, learn and connect with our expert speakers.  Pick a table/ topic that suits you and get all your questions answered.

  5. Direct Driller @Cereals

    This seminar will help you to manage your nutrient usage more efficiently and effectively, finding ways to increase efficiency of your nutrient usage, and maximising the use of natural sources of crop nutrients on your land.



  6. Direct Driller @Cereals
    This seminar will review the IPM methods growers have at their disposal, taking into account the effectiveness of control, the economic importance of the pest, and aspects related to practicality of implementation.  From methodology to restrictions, the seminar will cover your IPM strategy as it relates to SFI. 
  7. Direct Driller @Cereals
    Take this time at the end of the day to network and relax with the Direct Driller @Cereals speakers, attendees and sponsors.


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